Work No. 611; Boat Race Man; remembering Trenton Oldfield

Boat race Man

Boat race Man


Michael St.Mark 2012

A one-man Easter crusade against the tide of Tory blue nastiness wrecking the nation.

Multi-phase photo manipulation artist-retouched signed edition Lightjet prints

Remembering the admirably- principled activist from down under, who literally risked his neck earlier this year to remind 30 million viewers worldwide of the nasty, pernicious Oxbridge-run class system still thriving ( running the government,the banks, the media and arts; extorting via unelected privilege and exerting gross inequality across the jobs and opportunities market ) in the “home of Democracy”; just a few days ago learning from some crusty old beak that a custodial sentence is on the cards for “creating a public nuisance”.

Whereas in fact “Trenton did a good deed, to be considered performance art in line with the moral protest spirit of Dada” – Michael St.Mark



The price of peaceful direct action protest against obscene inequalty
and inhumane policy in a de facto fascist-capitalist state


Read the background story here


Link to the Work and purchase details from London Dada Archive

4 thoughts on “Work No. 611; Boat Race Man; remembering Trenton Oldfield

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  3. Oldfield may be a man of principle but he’s a principled twat who, like many foreigners, appears to have a 1950’s view of the class system. As someone who’s lived in the capital all my life and met a huge variety of people, I’d like him to explain to me why he thinks London is a hotbed of inequality.


    • Can’t argue with your personal experience Stan, yet ..” Oldfield said he returned from Canada days before the race on 7 April annoyed by government plans to “sell-off” the NHS, “snoop” on electronic communications and by encouragement given to “dob in” people planning protests during the Olympics.”
      .. is good enough for me.
      The guy’s got real guts and heartfelt concern about the sinister direction this country’s heading, to put his life and liberty on the line to highlight the above – & it’s a rather sad reflection on a tame sheep nation that it took a foreigner to step up to the DA protest plate in such a highly effective high-profile way.

      btw Interesting the way his waterline hairline’s remained the same..


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