London Dada work 623; A Parliamentary Field of Dead Thistles

A Field of Dead Thistles ( Parliament Hill Fields, Hampstead & Highgate )
c. Michael St. Mark 2012

For all intents and purposes the Houses of Parliament and The Lords in particular are generally speaking of as much use and relevance to the best interests of the people of this country as dead thistles. In fact most politicians are in some respects more harmful to peoples’ real interests than these spiked weeds of Parliament Hill, for they start illegal wars, pass repressive legislation eroding hard-won common rights and inch by inch transfer power and wealth into the hands of the rich elite.

“Parliament”, “anachronism” and “defunct” being of key words that immediately spring to mind.

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2 thoughts on “London Dada work 623; A Parliamentary Field of Dead Thistles

    • Good analogy Brianna. In fact when you think about it, the word Parliament very nearly splits conveniently up into “Parle” ( French for talk ), ” “liar” and “ment”.

      In other words the talking shop that’s ment for lying.

      Confirmed by the cute law – passed by MPs themselves naturally – that no member of Parliament can be prosecuted for saying whatever TF they want about anyone else in the Commons or Lords.
      It’s called Parliamentary privilege.

      Or in laymans terms, a coward’s charter.


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