London Dada Work No. 687; Department Store Tan

department tan
Department Store Tan
  c. Michael St.Mark 2014

High noon in Lingerie and Swimwear at M&S.


London Dada Archives 2005 – 2014, including a selection of signed limited edition prints released for sale;
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2 thoughts on “London Dada Work No. 687; Department Store Tan

  1. Oh dear she is looking rather wan, maybe 2 weeks in Benidorm would cheer up that pale looking ‘skin’!

    This photo reminds me of an article I read yesterday, on the internet, about a department store in the USA which is allowing female mannequins to be on display in the window wearing skimpy underwear. Nothing unusual in that I hear you cry and you’d be right, except these ‘ladies’ have the added extra of visible dark nipples and lots of dark pubic hair protruding from their briefs——-caused quite a stir according to what I read! Can you imagine if that happened here in the UK 🙂


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