London Dada Work 689; Tesco Fields

Tesco Fields
© Michael St.Mark 2014


( Featuring the chilled meats aisle at Tesco, London Bridge )

Out there in Tesco fields
They never fight for their meals
but sure break their backs to earn a living
They never fight
to prove mass torture and murder ain’t right
and never feel a need to be forgiven

( play on the opening lyrics from Baba O’Riley, from The Who’s 1970s album Who’s Next )

Comment; We either piss against and turn our backs on the Multinationals’ uncaring monolith of power, or become plantation wage slaves with no human rights or dignity.

2 thoughts on “London Dada Work 689; Tesco Fields

  1. I LOVE this !!
    potent, powerful and passionate sounds from The Who .
    Takes me back to a field and an all night party out in the country , near Evreaux France . This blasted out over the loudspeakers as the sun was rising , we all woke up whirling and dancing xxxx
    Many thanks for posting and much love
    M xxx


    • Hi Mira,
      Yeah, one of Pete’s best tunes. The Who were kinda in their pomp around 70/71 and putting out some pretty heart and mind-stirring stuff.
      Pete’s heart’s always been in the right place.. but his mind, as with all of us I guess, not always so.. he’d never touch an art movement that goes against the corrupt establishment that provides his bread and butter.. with a gold-tipped Richmond-upon-Thames barge pole!

      “Woke up whirling and dancing”… sounds very nice!
      You must have been a teenager then?
      xxxx 2 u 2


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