Work No. 691; Summer Soccer Special. Footsie – The Beautiful Game.

footsie, the beautiful game
Footsie; The Beautiful Game
c. Michael St.Mark 2014

New Wembley stadium, car park 3 entrance

After ” Shubhateo“, the flirty GP game

*January 2016; Released for investment in a signed edition of 50 Lightjet prints on Kodak Pro Endura
24″ x 20″
£450 ( unframed )


Brazil 2014 –  now that World Cup fever grips the nation, the big Q mark is, will Roy’s boys be on the early bird plane back home and force the now familiar London Dada artwork ” England Football Fan” to make yet another comeback?
Odds on yes, ‘fraid….
*Update June 28th;   Work 252 rides again! ( see post,  above )

england football fan
 Work 242 from 2006/10/12.
(  Enlarges on click.  Link back to “ England Football Fan”  context & data )


Dada’s missing European expression; fast-access archives and shop for limited edition prints of selected Works, 2005 – present.

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