Work No 693; And We Call This Living II

 And we Call This Living
  © Michael St.Mark 2014


First in a new series casting a critical eye over what often passes for leisure, entertainment
and enjoyment in 21C UK


Mobile Home and chalet park.  Canvey Island, Essex

Signed edition of 25 lightjet prints onto archival Kodak Pro Endura
25″ x 20″, unframed

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2 thoughts on “Work No 693; And We Call This Living II

  1. This is probably what a refugee camp would look like if they had the ‘luxury’ of chalets and mobile homes! Actually though some can be spacious and modern inside and sought after too.

    Only a few years ago chalets on a beach side location [near to where I live] were selling for under £10,000 now you’ll be paying in the region of £80,000——wish I’d bought one then I’d be in the money now!


    • The other side of the £70K profit coin of course being the marathon endurance test of having to actually live there ( presuming you didn’t rent it out ) virtually every day for all those years.
      Daunting prospect at that particular “beach side location”, that!


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