London Dada – social-shifting the UK art scene.

real world
The Real World
( Work No. 328 from 2007 ) c. Michael St.Mark


Recent Email from ArtQuest

“The Real World – Social Shifts
Date: Thursday 11th September 7 – 9pm
Venue: Study Studio, Whitechapel Art Gallery
Tickets: £6.50/£4.50 concss bookable through Whitechapel Gallery.

“The Real World is a talks programme run in partnership with the Whitechapel Art Gallery that considers approaches that artists are taking to their practice today.

“Practitioners are increasingly working outside of the gallery environment to comment on our current political and social climate and explore the inter-relation between people and place. How are they using an inter-disciplinary approach to connect to *the everyday? With presentations by Emma Smith and Jordan McKenzie.”

– exactly what London Dada has been pioneering since 2005 – now trending..

From LD Mission Statement

“Reconnecting art with true perception and criticism of the times we live in” TM
” London Dada, founded by multimedia artist and writer Michael St.Mark in 2005, pioneering the online art gallery genre via 691 ( shadowed by Saatchi Online in 2006); is representing the historically missing link in Dada by following in the footsteps of its founder, invoking vitally-needed political, social and moral perception, invention, criticism and protest within British contemporary art and in the spiritual shipwreck that is UK society today…”

Going beyong the tiresome and the tawdry in art, here
As for the newly popularised term  *the everyday”  see here

Democratizing Art ”  popular term coined and first art actuality ( ongoing series) from London Dada.

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