Work No. 715: Money is a Frantic Language II

Money is a frantic language

Money is a Frantic Language
c. Michael St.Mark 2014


Bank customer formica convenience desk used for writing sundry credit/debit/cash/cheque paper transactions over many years.
(Multi-stage digital enhancements, hand-finished in acrylic each edition).

( Latest in our unconscious public art series, exploring abstractions produced by accumulation of human interactions with the urban environment over time )


Signed limited edition of 25 Lightjet prints onto Ilford Pearl, individually hand touch-finished.
25″ W x 19″ H ( unframed )
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Origin of Derivation


Related Work; 585; Cashpoint blues / Withdrawal Symptoms/ Money is a Frantic Language from 2012; cashpoint touch screen in high summer.

cashpoint blues withdrawal symptomsc.pointbluesframed
Money is a Frantic Language 1 / Cashpoint Blues

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4 thoughts on “Work No. 715: Money is a Frantic Language II

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    • There seems to be an ever-rising tide of fraud or attempted fraud using ingenious ..or not so ingenious methods. Couple of years back I overheard a customer asking the cashier at that very branch which of her signatures she should use on a cash withdrawal slip.


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