London Dada Work No. 716: This Green & Pleasant Land II

This Green and Pleasant Land II
c. Michael St.Mark 2014


Second in the series. Linkback to v. 1

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9 thoughts on “London Dada Work No. 716: This Green & Pleasant Land II

  1. My first reaction on seeing the pic was to think of a line from the old Tom Jones song The Green Green Grass Of Home, “Then I wake up and look around me, at four grey walls that surround me …”
    It’s supposed to be a guy in prison about to be executed, but if our planners get their way in could be what any urban dweller sees when they wake up.


    • Aye that was kind of the idea behind.
      Current life in England tho, as you often succinctly blog out, seems to be getting to the stage where people do feel imprisoned by stuff – and not just the external environment.


  2. to me this photo represents the struggle that humanity has to ‘grow’ in our modern, urban concrete environment. If plant life can push it’s way through such a barrier then maybe there’s hope for us all to ‘reach for the light’.

    A very thought provoking scene Mr St.Mark!


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