Work No. 731; This Green and Pleasant Land V

this green and pleasant land V
This Green and Pleasant Land V
   c. Michael St.Mark 2014

Refurbishment works at Archway underground station, N. London. September 2014

Latest in London Dada’s TGAPL series commenting on the inexorable urbanization of rural England
along with mechanization of unnatural non organic means of agricultural production and morally
indefensible factory farming. Say no to factory farming.

Linkback to first in the series.


Hugo Ball's Dada

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3 thoughts on “Work No. 731; This Green and Pleasant Land V

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  2. I felt the scaffolding complex was engulfing the tree Mrs B, the scene fit right in with the ongoing series title so I snapped three quick pics, this one turning out the best. Dada serendipity again.


  3. Brilliant! i love the contrast between the tree and the scaffolding, is the tree trying to overpower the scaffolding and grab back some rural idyll or is the scaffolding trying to force the tree out to continue it’s urbanisation undaunted? I know which i’d put my money on.


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