Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali. Dark Pixel II & IV. Works 735/6

The final two art giants of the 20th C to feature in London Dada’s Dark Pixel series “the artist as art”
Salvador Dali and Andy Warhol.


Dark Pixel III, Salvador Dali ( origin photo below )
c. Michael St. Mark 2015

andywarhol lost/found
Dark Pixel IV,  Andy with sunflower
c. Michael St. Mark 2015



Last in the Dark Pixel series, appropriating images of well-known artists into pixelation combined with a specific secret sequence of image manipulation to create a transformational new style in photo portraiture. ( out of copyright by appropriation )

Signed editions of 12 each Cibachrome prints on aluminium.


We expect a high demand for these Works therefore early investment is advised.
Archive / Purchase details


* We’re now accepting bespoke commissions to render photographs into Dark Pixel mode.
Altered images printed onto Kodak Pro Endura archival paper & signed by the artist. POA

3 thoughts on “Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali. Dark Pixel II & IV. Works 735/6

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  2. I always thought Dali was a genius, but Warhol? ‘fraid I have him down as a con man. I heard he used to get other people to create his works. I believe somebody called Campbell created the original for one of his most iconic prints 😀


    • That sounds about right, although Dali was only slightly less mad than he was gifted (very). It’s unimportant though, the talent or lack of it in the art world, it’s almost 100% about contacts, who y’know & which big wheel decides to make a particular artist the next big thing.. look for his/her work suddenly selling like hot cakes to an “unknown buyer”, a sure sign a big collector’s about to officially certify their art as “great” through their in-tow lapdog MSM arts reviewers then sell the works after a couple of years for million$. Not much different in actual fact from insider trading.
      A lecturer at my old art school told the class anyone who wants to make it in fine art must be prepared to be an “arse pan”.
      Personally I wouldnt know about that, I’ll have to have a chat with Gilbert and George the next time I spot them peering in our little gallery as they pass by in tweeded tandem on their habitual Sunday afternoon walkabout.. they might know something, I don’t.


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