Work No. 733; the Darling Bud of DADA


Dada is a periodic spring tide in art, giving a fresh push to the art world and to the world itself, where the old worn-out forms and traditions are transformed and transmuted, where value systems become upgraded, reoriented and more enlightened.

The radical innovations and inspirational thought patterns produced during the Dada period get gradually absorbed and adopted by the mainstream, even though at the time Dadaist Works are largely dismissed. Nevertheless they are unconsciously picked-up on as truly innovative and re-emerge in the mainstream under the category of trending or “progressive”


The Darling Bud of DADA
c. Michael St.Mark 2015

Marking London Dada’s 10th anniversary year
2005 – 2015

Dada’s 100th anniversary
1916 – 2016


Collectors’ edition of 100 fine art Lightjet prints on Kodak Pro
24″ W x 19″H

£200 ( unframed )

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