Work No. 735: Two Sides

George Osborne
  Two Sides of the Same Con ( Corporate Slave Ship Britain 1 )
  c. Michael St.Mark 2015

Collage comprising one headline and two articles from editions of the i paper; 25th & 26th February 2015
Public service info Work; concept and text by M.St.M
First in a new series, “CSS Britain”

One edition worldwide; 10″ x 12″

2 thoughts on “Work No. 735: Two Sides

  1. There was a good line from an audience member on Question Time last night. They were talking about economic growth and how the figures are massaged to make it look as if the economy is doing better than it is and this guy says, “do the same people do the jobless figures?”

    A zero hours contract isn’t a job. Ten hours a week, that my son’s girlfriends is working, isn’t a job. but she’s off the unemployed count.


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