Work No 737: My Beautiful Life II

My Beautiful Life II
c. Michael St.Mark 2015

Winter tenements; Barrow Island, Cumbria. From 2010

Second in the series. Linkback to Work No. 410; MBL (2009)

Edition of 25 Lightjet prints on Kodak Pro Endura
24″W x 18″ H

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” I’m beginning to feel the present relentless wretchedness of life pushing me, inexorably, into some vast, vast nothingness – yet curiously, amazingly; its name is freedom” – M. St.M  2010

3 thoughts on “Work No 737: My Beautiful Life II

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  2. Life must be full of relentless wretchedness for the vast swathe of inhabitants of these drab tenements but i could also argue they, at least, have a roof over their heads.

    There must be hundreds of unfortunate people, who spend the cold winters under cardboard, that would be very thankful to live even here.

    I love these old buildings as in their own way they are quite majestic and remind me of times long past when there was still a vibrant community spirit!


    • As long as there’s no damp & they’re well heated and the locks are 5 lever they seem quite snug.. but that might be a big ask in that climate. Noise-wise at least, back in the day the shipyard owners that built them for the workers at least had the decency and humanity to put proper walls between the flats – not like the ticky tacky shoebox shite called modern build they put up in two weeks as cheap as chip board nowadays.
      Living in a virtual shed and able to literally hear the neigbours farting etc next door isn’t the best lifestyle.
      The Work’s meant to reflect my life being the metaphorical winter under cardboard btw – but maybe I should stop airing my dirty washing in public, its probably totally tedious to everyone else, lol


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