Work No. 749; Quest for the Holy Grail

holy grail


“The ultimate irony; we seek reality – which cannot but be ONE – in the reflection of reality ( duality).
Edition of 25 Lightjet prints on archival Kodak Pro Endura
   20″ x 17″
   £300 ( unframed )

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2 thoughts on “Work No. 749; Quest for the Holy Grail

  1. Well, apart from the human being’s eternal and in the end doomed-to-failure attempts to gain lasting happiness by poking a reflection with a stick, that itself is, in reality, made from the very same reality material that the reflection is OF ( out of picture) … not really. lol
    Do you write reviews for arts mags btw?


  2. The almost exquisite beauty of this casual angle is the rather subtle greenery blossoming to offset the supposed drab angle, the puddle which merely waits the unlucky driver wearing heaven’s warmer mien to lend a more ethereal perspective in, forsooth, our perpetual half dogged discontent with now as you’ve labelled it beautifully. I love it, and were it easier to obtain than it is, would tack it on my wall to facilitate excursions, as it were. Thank you for sharing. I suppose you did not have more to say on it than your initial notes?


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