Work No 751; First and Last Love ( Mothers’ Day special )

First and Last Love.
© Michael St.Mark 2015
Titled by Dingo )

Mothers’ Day 2015

Network Rail into Kings Cross, Sunday March 15th

Edition of 50 Lightjet prints on fine art Kodak Pro Endura
20″ x 16″
£350 ( unframed )

Links to Work 762; High Voltage Hovis ( the homeless angel )


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  “Art, for the Dadaist, involves true perception and criticism of his or her times ” – Hugo Ball, father of Dada

5 thoughts on “Work No 751; First and Last Love ( Mothers’ Day special )

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  2. Hmmmm this guys no stranger to a ‘fish supper’, but he has some redeeming features if he still visits his Mum on Mother’s day!

    I just hope he only has the bunch of flowers in that bag for her and not lots of calorie/ sugar laden goodies for his lunch too!


  3. Sweet. Sans a hint of hair on the top of his head, you’ve captured him in nearly as cherubic a pose as he musta unconsciously worn when new. It took me a minute, but I love this one. Perfect. Thanks for sharing. Or, did I stupidly miss something and am badly off track with my assessment?


    • No, you got the spirit; just with perhaps a sweet “mummy’s boy”‘ish vibe thrown in, although that’s an inappropriate term to use because of its generally negative connotations. The chap’s massive pizza bulk and macho bouncer girth contrasting the delicate flower bag next to him lending that extra element of intriguing dichotomy?


      • Mmm, mebbe, in a sense, for should I disagree outright, I should be shouted down. And yet again, if I were to extend my initial image, he’d probably kill me anyway for remembering how chubby babies can be, his totally absorbed carefree sense perfect for my intents. And no, I never meant a mummy’s boy. Haha, I can’t squirm meself safely out of this one. Kick me.


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