Work No. 753; Oik the reptilian shape-shifting chancellor ( ES Update)

Oik, the Shape-Shifting Chancellor’s  true face ( Two-part adulterated headline Work )
c. Art Axis 2015

* UPDATE 2017 Osborne appointed editor of the Evening Standard after sneaking out the back door with Cameron after their Brexit calamity.
A budget case of Jobs for the Boys if ever there was one

Discarded Evening Standard  ( another Tory-owned rag ) front page, left on a 2nd class passenger seat, Network Rail.
Budget Day, 2015.
Subject to ” Scrunch Art “, or “crumple art”, a selective physical crease manipulation of figurative photographs to form
hideously distorted caricatures beyond the wildest dreams of even the Spitting Image puppet team!
A useful tool for protest artists in the expression of angst towards corrupt power-broking individuals.
Invented by artist Michael St.Mark, 2007.

Shape-shifter Osborne – “Shifts the shape of the stats, shifts the truth about the shape of life in Britain today.”

osborne economic millstone

6 thoughts on “Work No. 753; Oik the reptilian shape-shifting chancellor ( ES Update)

  1. Scrunch art, eh? You’re too fun. Aand, dangerous. I did a double-take on your title’s suggestion, none too unfamiliar with such, um, what shall I term it? Suffice it, that created an eerie curiosity. You’re amusing. Thanks for sharing.


    • Dangerous? Dangerous if Mr Axis wanted to build an art career for himself, that in the UK at least involves compromising free range of creative expression by having to brown-nose and kowtow to a corrupt establishment. Did you try one yourself btw?
      Thanks for commenting 🙂


      • Beg pardon for falling off the deep end…but life *throws up hands* Nooo, I did not bother to try it for myself, not having any image handy as it was [I’m not into the news media, have not been for ages], but thanks for the suggestion.


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