Work No. 769; Midsummer Sea / 7 Tenets

mssmid summer sea








Midsummer Sea
  c. Michael St.Mark 2015 {top} ( 2014 solsitce, above, click to enlarge )

Photo taken looking SW out  to sea at 12.00 noon GMT on Midsummers Day and posted online here shortly thereafter;
mid day on 21st June being the precise point in the year when the earth reaches it’s seasonal maximum tilt towards the sun
( summer solstice, longest day ) ..and inexorably begins its reverse movement back again towards the winter solstice – its maximum tilt away from the sun and giving the shortest day in the northern hemisphere.
( All downhill ti
l Christmas, as they say )

Counterpart to Work 566 from 21/ 12 / 2011; The Shortest Day

The Two works to be offered as a unique diptych of 20 signed edition Lightjet prints.
Enquiries / Sales / Reservations

Uriah Heep with rock legend David Byron ( vocals)


ABOUT London Dada

Dada over London

Represented by six bright green spots with one central ( unifying One-Ness ) spot

By Michael St.Mark ( based on the founding group of Dadaists’ collective vision )

1. Radical art innovations
2. New art inventions / concepts
3. Morally-motivated art protest and fearless critical analysis of contemporary art
4. Perceptive societal and political commentary expressed through art.
5. Serendipity / chance or random art expressions
6. Humour ( dry, whimsical or sardonic )
7. Multimedia expressions of the One-ness of life. ( central green spot )

( The 7 tenets are ever present, often in various combinations within Dada Works )

The Dadaist is convinced of the overall connection between all entities and beings ” – Hugo Ball, father of Dada

Dada is essentially the search for a new morality ” – Richard Heulsenbeck, Dada’s co-founder

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