Work No. 811, Winter / Black is never Black

Winter / Black is never black  Winter ( Black is Never Black )
Michael St.Mark, 2016


Photograph taken in 2015.  Skeletal trees silhouetted against the bleak winter sky.
Ancient oak woodland Herts.

The sky still retains a subtle mix of colours, just as the “black” tree trunks and branches still retain deep tints – a reminder that black is never black, just as bleak is never black, alluding to there always being hope in the midst of apparent total darkness.


Available in a signed edition of 50, mounted on aluminium Diabond for exceptional durability and gallery spec finish.
30″ x 26″

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Update, Jan 28th; news just in that Colin Vearncombe aka BLACK, who enjoyed wordwide success with the single ” Wonderful Life ” in 1987, was mourned yesterday by his fans after his death on Jan 26th from head injuries suffered in a car crash.
Not a co-incidence with the date of posting of this work to be mentioned with any joy, nevertheless perhaps its theme ” Black is never Black” is fitting for his family, friends and fans after leaving behind such an incredibly beautiful and touching song as a timeless gift to the world ( click on the header link to see the video )

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