London Dada Work No. 829: Gut of the Plagiarizer

Gut of the Plagiarizer
Gut of the Plagiarizer
c. Art Axis 2016

Backside connections of a sundry commercial laser copier in an office services shop window. Specialist in skull, butterfly, spots, medicine and human/animal anatomy polished copy enlargements
Vauxhall, London SW.

Midas Scrunch I & 2 ( diptych )
C. Art Axis 2017

Multi-stage digital image manipulation sequence of re-photos of bespoke-crumpled Sunday Times cover shot of Damien Hirst, December 2017. Backdrop ink grid pattern; Michael St.Mark


(“Scrunch art ” creative portrait adulteration technique developed by Michael St. Mark in 2007 ) *double click does the trick *


Archives / Investments

” F*k ’em all ” –  Hirst’s Socratic brickie-refrain ( Well he can afford to – and does – run ’em all…. out of money through the courts – ed )

Charles Thomson, co-founder of the Stuckists, has compiled what is perhaps the most comprehensive examples, complete with intriguing historical background, of Hirst’s habitual plagiarism


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