London Dada Work No. 832; The Blackest Black

Anish_Kapoor_at_the_Deutsche_Guggenheim_-_BerlinThe Blackest Black / Homage to Anish Kapoor
Art Axis 2016


Unique multi-stage digital manipulation / dark pixelation of original photograph.
Available in a signed edition of 25 fine art Lightjet prints on Ilford Pearl

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Reported today in  Artnet news, the artist Anish Kapoor gains worldwide rights to use the newly developed ” Blackest Black” pigment. Morally justified?
Kapoor’s decision to withhold the material from fellow artists has sparked outrage across the international artists community.
Does he care? Do dogs meeow?

Links to Work 11 from 2005 & Work 620 ” Turning the Outside In” from 2012


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