Work No. 838: Nuclear Trump (?)

donald trump nuclear?
Nuclear Trump (?)
c. Art Axis 2016


” The future’s blindingly bright, the future’s quite possibly Presidential Orange ”
Michael St.Mark, pre-US election 2016

* London Dada is politically impartial. Any individual, including politicians, should be criticised or praised by dint of their actions not their personalities.
Some so-called right wing policies are probably necessary for a harmoniously-functioning society at the present stage of human development, as are many of the so-called left; true perception of real value includes and transcends both left and right.


* UPDATE 14th Nov 2016
This work revised with (?), post 11/9/2016 on the surreal election of DT as the new US president. ( The future IS Presidential Orange )


Top image; photo montage in four parts with pastel, graphite and fine line ink
210 x 297mm ( framed )
Unique Work, £ 5,850


Signed edition prints details tf.
( For reproduction rights email )


Art, for us, is not an end in itself, but an opportunity for true perception and criticism of the times we live in” – Hugo Ball – founder of Cabaret Voltaire and father of Dada

Dada is essentially the search for a new morality” – Richard Huelsenbeck

3 thoughts on “Work No. 838: Nuclear Trump (?)

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  2. And when you think the alternative, Killary, is even more dangerously insane it brings home the understanding of how much trouble we are in. We can only hope a miracle happens and Bernie Sanders somehow gets in. At least he seems to have some kind of grip on reality.


    • Agreed Ian, Bernie is the only hope. The hippies and the gurus have failed us. And I’m increasingly glad I treated myself to new camper van last year, at least I’ll hopefully survive a bit longer thru the forthcoming apocalypse. It’s all ready packed to the rafters with winter woollys, Readybrek, dried fruit and a water purification system. Cheaper than a nuclear bunker, the top of Scotland – better views too 🙂


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