Work No. 846; When Enemies Pose as Friends

When Enemies Pose as Friends
Michael St.Mark 2016


Dada social responsibility artwork. Multi-stage effects PS-processed image

Pastry & biscuit selection;  Waitrose, Finchley N. London.
” Large dietry intake of high carbohydrate content refined foods c/w sedentary or semi sedentary lifestyle- the major cause of the developed world’s obesity / diabetes misery “.
“Criminal food industry backed by a string of complicit government health ministers with one eye on their post-political directorship rewards,  green lighting the brainwashing and poisoning of an entire population”.
Corporate profit above the nations health must be tackled.

Links to Work 328 from 2007; ” Never a Truer Biscuit was Eaten ”

Signed edition fine art print details tf.
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