Work No. 851V: Midge dot com

Midge dot com / Love is in the Air
Art Axis 2016

A FFWD’d metaphoric synoptic analogous overview of the contemporary dating scene, the forces of attraction / rejection at play being primarily looks (or lack of), youth (or lack of ) and wealth (or lack thereof) – although the more lovey-dovey pink floral Barbara Cartland-at-heart eternal optimists amongst us may disagree. ( Time and tide experience of human nature over the years puts that one to bed, as it were. )

Call this cynical, but nearly half of UK marriages end in divorce and two-thirds of partners in relationships or marriage admit to having ventured at least one date or fling on the side – the true figures likely to be higher in both regards, naturally.

  • Update Oct 2016; Beware a date’s parting shot ” let’s keep in touch”. Almost certainly code for ” I’d rather not keep in touch with you”.. onwardsforwards they will go to their next midg.. er match.


Links to Work No. 719 from 2014; ” The Shutters of Love

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