Work No. 880; Trump Victory / BBC Newsreader Blues

Trump wins
The Ghost of BBC Past
( “Trump Wins” / BBC Newsreader Blues )
Michael St.Mark 2016

Digital collage of a subdued and understated BBC News home page overlaid with a palid and haunted-looking spectre of its mainstay newsreader Hew Edwards, during his melancholy and mournful broadcast live from Washington on the morning of 9/11/16 after the shock Trump US election victory that handed him the presidency.
This, after months of obvious bias favoring the also far from perfect Hillary C. by the mainstream media… and Edwards’s own thinly-disguised briefing against, and snipes at, Trump during countless prime time BBC News broadcasts; leaving the poor Taffy media toff sick as the proverbial parrot chewing on a slice of lemon.
Even to the politically impartial observer; priceless!

Signed limited edition prints details tf.


Addendum; Sad Alex ( analogue tv digital screenshot )


London Dada Archive / Invest

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