Work No. 888; Sir Tim Berners-Lee; progressively pixelated triptych

The out-and-out British genius that is Sir Tim Berners-Lee; the inventor of the World Wide Web, in progressive pixelation / multi-stage SFX triptych format. Surprisingly, one of the first, if not the first, rendition of Sir Tim’s features broken down into digitized info’ form, that is the very basis of his incredible world-changing creation.

Work 888; Sir Tim Berners Lee progressive pixellation ( Triptych )

Work 888; Sir Tim Berners Lee progressive pixelation ( Triptych )

c. Michael St.Mark 2016

Available shortly in a signed edition of 10 long-lasting brilliant-finish diabond aluminium panels
24″ X 15.5″

Sir Tim Berners-Lee light
Light edition


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