Work 898: The Power of Ingestion Suggestion

The Power of Suggestion
The Power of Ingestion Suggestion
Michael St.Mark 2017

Latest in our   The Conning of the Consumer series

I n f o
M6 Stafford Moto services  ( north-bound ).

C o n t e x t
After passing the in-your-face poster and immediately beyond the swing doors entrance and in plain  line of sight at the end of a mini shopping mall corridor, lies, of course, a sprawling COSTA coffee establishment. How many weary and traffic-fazed travellers have linked the unavoidable sight of a picture of a gigantic cup of Costa as they enter the services, with the idea that then springs to mind on the other side, to rather fancy an actual cup of the same over there?
Although such a connection would be obvious when viewed objectively here: in the conscious minds of the passing public we would suggest mostly not at all.

  • Afterthought of intrigue; the top of the gentleman’s head echoes in miniature the top surface of froth plus chocolate sprinkle of the giant cup.
    “Life is One Jim, but not always as we may assume we know it.”


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