Work No. 901; MSM Tools of the Trade

MSM tools of the trade
MSM Tools of the Trade
Michael St.Mark 2017

Steel alloy crowd control and shepherding barrier stacks; Alexander Palace, north London

Western mainstream ( fakestream ) media comprising TV and hard press are the tools employed by the large institutions, top politicians and individual corporate interest groups to impose one-sided thought control over the masses; the accompanying method of control being naturally also to redact or ignore – thereby keep out – holistic or perceptive thought sources that would allow the people to compare and therefore potentially see through artificial imposition of corrupt agendas such as perpetual preparation for wars that profit the arms and oil industries – to which those in control are all affiliated, indeed wedded.
Naturally, the well-renumerated top news presenters and journalists employed by the MSM, to one degree or another play key roles in shading and obfuscating the truth in this insidious mind control ( therefore people control ) business. In the process they collaterally degrade and debase the once noble profession of honest journalism, not to mention being historically complicit in the needless deaths of thousands of soldiers and mass murder of millions of innocent people in far off lands.

” If the corrupt can control what you think
They control your behavior
To accept their agenda

And the only agenda of any who wish to control others
Is to reduce them to the level of slaves, financial and otherwise”


Signed edition prints details tf.

London Dada Archive / Invest

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