Work No. 903; Everything Has its Place II

Everything Has its Place ( and should be in its place ) II
Michael St.Mark 2017

Sequel to EHIP 1 ( 2007 )

Junk high carb/ high-profit margin addictive foods, typically defined by refined flour & sugar products, continue to blight the health of the world population well into the 21st C.
As per our previous Work, The Original Pringles, those involved at the sharp end in hyped-up misleading packaging and advertising of these killer food products are equally as culpable in harming the health of millions and in damaging the environment as the morally bankrupt food companies themselves.

Truth & consequences
Innocent victims – two of millions.

Truth and Consequences – that no health minister in the pocket of the food industry ( historically all of them ) dares tell. Rather they not make waves while in office in order to gain a cushy 8 hr week £500,000 PA directorship on the board of some affiliated company such as Nestle after they leave or get kicked out…than save thousands from obesity, Type 2 diabetes with all the suffering, amputations and colossal cost to the NHS by giving the correct information to the public about the danger of high carb refined flour consumption .

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