Roaring T2 Diabetes in children – “experts” fiddling while Rome burns

No need for any more research, Paul.  No one can top Atkins because he already discovered the cause of T2D. The need is for education on the danger of the refined high carb “BRPS” foods ( bread, rice, pasta, sugar ) eaten in volume by people – young or old – leading a sedentary or semi-sedentary lifestyle where the body is forced to store excess calories as fat. The food industry have mega profit margins, derived from mass consumption of these highly addictive products, riding on keeping that simple truth out of the public eye ( where do we see warnings over eating large amounts of BRPS for example – yet that is precisely the main cause of the T2D epidemic ). This naturally entails keeping the MSM ( with its substantial ad revenue from the food industry ), diabetes research “scientists”  and succession of government health ministers’ mouths shut & in their pockets, fiddling while Rome burns ( hoping to find a quick fix to counteract millions of years of evolution – good luck with that )
A sample consequence of which amply illustrated above.
( Images are, er, expandable )

  • The acronym BRPS (bread, rice, pasta, sugar ) – four typical high carb deadly sin foods – coined by Michael St. Mark, March 14th 2017

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2 thoughts on “Roaring T2 Diabetes in children – “experts” fiddling while Rome burns

  1. Absolutely, a few years ago I was intimately acquainted with a consultant endocrinologist. We’re still acquainted but she moved back to India, disgusted at western governments determination not to do what is necessary to combat T2 diabetes because big food and big phrama corporate profits are more important. Her research for the PhD she obtained showed as many others had, that drugs only control the symptoms, the paleo diet controls the disease and gives the pancreas a chance to repair itself somewhat.


    • Atkins discovered the same; that the pancreas can and does recover surprisingly well after diet is changed to one of low carb / high protein / fat. We’re just not evolved to deal with the junk being pushed & consumed in volume. The sheer depth of depravity and extent of concealment & corruption at the highest levels is as astounding as it is disturbing.


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