London Dada Work No. 972; #GE2017 Blinded by the Shite ( a Tory voter archetype )

Blinded by the Shite – a Tory voter archetype, General Election @ June 2017

” It was The Sun wot just and so won it”.. with its sewer “journalism” for May, certainly not May herself.
Dyed-in-the-wool working class Tory voter’s blind acceptance of The Sun “newspaper’s” despicabe fictional headlines against Jeremy Corbyn in the run up to the recent general election most likely tipped the result in favor of the truly dreadful May.

MENTAL HEALTH WARNING; Don’t look into The Sun, it’ll blind your perception of reality

Complete Rough Fell breed sheep skull with union flag rendered in oils
( Previously deployed in ” Jubilee ” from 2012 )
( Created in the spirit of The Sun’s habitual – now tiresome – play on puns and double endendres within their story headlines, a hallmark of the paper since 1989 / 90, mimicking content from a poetry book titled Life Sentences sent to their office at that time )

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