Work No. 978; Gridlock in Angerland II

Gridlock in Angerland II
Michael St.Mark 2017


Pointless roundabout, Enfield.

Impossibly overcrowded roads making driving almost anywhere in England now an energy-sapping patience-pushing endurance test. Pretty much everyone’s aware that stepping behind the wheel is a major stress, aggression and annoyance factor in their Everydays.. yet no one in politics, the MS media or art establishment wants to acknowledge or even touch on the rampaging elephant in the room.
Links to GIA, first in the series

London Dada ” Reconnecting art with the times we live in”

Two Portrait diptychs + crops from one ( below )

Top; A to B Business ( unconscious artwork III )
& Gridlocked ( crop)
(c) Michael St.Mark 2017

Links to first in the groundbreaking LD series Unconscious Artworks
Withdrawal Symptoms / Cashpoint blues” (2012)

Signed editions each of 20 Lightjet prints on Kodak Pro Endura.
Size/price details for all four Works tf


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