Work No. 978; Gridlock in Angerland II

Gridlock in Angerland II
Michael St.Mark 2017

* UPDATE; same “roundabout” 5 years on ( 2022 ).

Pointless roundabout, Enfield.

Impossibly overcrowded roads making driving almost anywhere in England now an energy-sapping patience-pushing endurance test. Pretty much everyone’s aware that stepping behind the wheel is a major stress, aggression and annoyance factor in their Everydays.. yet no one in politics, the MS media or art establishment wants to acknowledge or even touch on the rampaging “four-wheeled elephant in the room” TM.
Links to GIA, first in the series

London Dada ” Reconnecting art with the times we live in”

Two Portrait diptychs + crops from one ( below )

Top; A to B Business ( unconscious artwork III )
& Gridlocked ( crop)
(c) Michael St.Mark 2017

Links to first in the groundbreaking LD series Unconscious Artworks
Withdrawal Symptoms / Cashpoint blues” (2012)

Signed editions each of 20 Lightjet prints on Kodak Pro Endura.
Size/price details for all four Works tf


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