Work No. 980; Green Chillout Zone III & IV

Green Chillout Zone III
(c) Dingo 2017

GCZ IV; Up-Sun triptych, various shrubbery

England in July well away from the horrorshow holiday mayhem going on in the distant background, the wild vegetation mix mantle assumes a strikingly similar shade of green – the most relaxing of colors.

Third in the innovative LD series of separate cropped scenes derived from an incremental pan of the same scene, that enhanced the photo triptych genre.
Dates back to 2007
Selected three-shot portrait pans in AO woodland near South Mimms, Herts.
Click x2 on the images and let the attention wander about and mind merge & chill & amalgamate with the hi def’ greenery

Triptych of three images mounted on artists card, signed edition of 20
15″H X 21″W ( unframed )



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