Conservative Conference ; The “Respect” is Mutual

The “Respect” is Mutual II
Michael St.Mark 2017


The CPC gets underway in Manchester. Digital photo screenshot of BBC live coverage off an old analogue TV screen with the sound setting on mute.

Second in the series. Pertaining to present and previous Conservative administrations’ turning a deaf ear to peoples’ concerns on health, education, housing etc ( eg NHS, Grenfell, Elderly Care  ). The image symbolic of increasing numbers of voters giving in return a deaf ear to hollow words and perpetual promises of what is now terminally transparent “jam tomorrow politics”. TM

Links to our TRIM 1  from 2006, featuring war criminal Tony Blair at conference ( some images temporarily missing due to file transfer issues from previous blog platform closed by Populis ( Luca Ascani ) in 2015 and in the process destroying an online community of thousands )

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