London Dada Work No. 993; Directionless / Summation of a Nation


Terminally tired signage ( vital ) on junction 24 of the M25 London Orbital in Hertfordshire.
On the verge and beyond, of legible. In this condition and difficult to read at speed for at least 6 months without repair and doubtless causing stress and confusion to thousands of motorists not familiar with the area, where it’s essential to at least determine the eastbound from westbound carriageways.

Symbolic of the condition of the UK generally coming to the end of another year of directionless government and a population mostly rendered likewise tired and directionless, being hampered by infrastructure neglect, overcrowded underfunded transport, housing, NHS & social services along with viciously-enforced petty legal restrictions and regulations as the icing on the shitcake

Signed edition fine art print details t.f.

LONDON DADA – pressing the Dada reset button for the 21st C.
” Reconnecting art with life and the times we live in through true perception and moral-based criticism ” – Hugo Ball’s original definition of Dada, Cabaret Voltaire 1916
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UPDATE; January 10th 2018
Result! Signage finally replaced with newly made-up larger version.
Not only saddled with dragging art into the 21st century in terms of reconnection with everyday life and current street level issues in society, seems London Dada has to kick- start the lazy Highways Agency signage dept’s ass into shape to boot


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