Work No. 26; Infinitude


Infinitude ( Homage to Hans Arp )
c. Michael St.Mark 2005

Collage relief, actual work. Randomly cut shards of white paper dropped and landed according to chance on white paper & adhered, A4. Intended as both tribute to and Dada progression from Hans ( Jean) Arp’s 1916/17 Dada Work of fallen torn pieces of paper ( below ). Forerunner to Infinitude II, the artwork that inspired an Olympics.
* Infinitude. First use of identical-colour paper collage .


5 thoughts on “Work No. 26; Infinitude

  1. Yes that first para’ idea struck as well when I saw the image.
    London Dada is a serious new art expression, not just a wonderful blog- thanks anyway Alexa.

    Like all good Dada/Art, Birth of Idolatry works on many levels depending on the depth of the viewer at least matching that of the artist. But if the viewer’s depth of perception is less than the artist’s, he or she can sharpen or uncover that same latent perception within themselves by looking at the work with an open and enquiring mind.

    Your attack on pretentiousness in this work is entirely justifiable and applaudable Alexa.

    Unfortunately almost all the recent establishment works of art on offer in the “shrines” are little more than cheap publicity stunts with superficial impact only and don’t help people to discover anything new in themselves.

    This also answers Bradders question in comments on Work 28.



  2. Thank you! It was a pleasure! The toilet can also be seen as a birth canal from which, well what can be born from a toilet? lol!

    You know I bought the mag just for the DADA. I knew this, but I still felt shame in bying it. It was like holding an instrument of illusion and it felt icky.

    I look forward to the next idea. You have created another wonderful blog!!!


  3. The gaping space of the bowl draws the eye downwards into the hole with unpleasant associations, then it hits the magazine and the association is transfered.
    This piece of DADA reaches out and molests celebrity as well as gripping the viewer.
    Well done Alexa.



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