Work No. 26; – The first DADA peoples’ Poem

* From the 2005 blog.. updated 2017

YOUR once-in-a-lifetime chance to be a part-owner of the world’s first-ever multi person-constructed DADA POEM. ( or any Poem as far as we know ). Hurry and get your Dada line in Comments. No catches, no entry fees, just a good head for no-sense Anti Art. ( One line only of no more than 10 or so words please)
(Michael St.Mark will start off with the Title and first line of DADA prose ).

The lines in Comments will be deemed to constitute the first peoples’ composite Dada work.
If you miss out on this there will be others to come so be sure to bookmark London Dada and tell as many friends as possible about 691, the first online art gallery

DADA ~ its the most arty fun you can have with your vetements on or off.

M. St.M.
London, September 2005


Mined from the Comments section below..


Dada Peoples’ Poem ( 2005 )

My eyes vacuum bliss as I read..

Time! At last it is time for the most incredible
Experience my body can endure. My eyes cannot
Ignite, my genitals no longer bristling cats.

I stare into the empty night
And loudly garble
* LUSDGHBLVACJVOLIUB * at the full moon.



Phil Simmons ~ line 4
Valerie Alexander ~ line 2
Chris J.( ) ~ line 3
Ross Yound (Meremortal) ~ line 5
Tammy Lawrence-Cymbalistry (Ganesharocks) ~line 6
M. St.Mark ~ title plus lines 1 & 7



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