4 thoughts on “Work 28; Youth’s Eternal Optimism

  1. If you see something in an image that you feel holds mystery and interest beyond the obvious, whether it will be shocking or funny or enlightening, but which is hidden without you sparking something? Sickening works like sawn -in- half cows with unrelated obscure titles is pretentious bullshit, created for superficial effect alone by psuedo intellectual prats.

    Well anyway Bradds thats just some input, there arn’t any formal rules to Dada, be spontaneous, let your unconscious work, it knows how to do everything.

    PS Re. The shiny new online gallery, will email you tomorrow. Thanks for doing it.


  2. Dear Bradders,

    This piece has meaning and messages, it challenges the viewer to look deeper.. . . .

    Have a click at the link through to the original movement in INTRO ( tag) and get an idea about the spirit of Dada.
    Dada is definitely not “anything goes”, but its not formal art either. Some of the spirit is nihilistic but mostly it’s about challenging the viewer’s pre-conceptions about the world and it asks them to delve further within themselves. Something that mainstream art these days has forgotten or in the case of of modern establishment artists, imitated poorly. And that, to me is true art. Can be words, poems, the format of expression isn’t so important as the ability of the artwork to change ones life in an ultimately positive way.



    • Is my stuff to organised or formal then? should I mess it up a bit or perhaps just stick something quirky in that makes people think, now why has he done that and make up their minds as to what I’m trying to achieve.
      Regards, Bradders


  3. Judging by this picture, anything goes, but I’m not sure I’ve got the hang of this, my stuff is mostly 3D but hey who cares, my main themes are with perspective and I usually have a metallic ball in there somewhere, I’ve done something for you and posted it on my blog, feel free to use it if you wish, I’ve explained that I can change things if you like, I might even be able to create something with your imput, i.e, you tell me what you’re after and I’ll see what I can do, but don’t hold your breath, they are very time consuming and I’m back to work on Friday.
    Regards, Bradders


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