Work No. 67; “Me” / The Human Archetype

“Me” /The Human Archetype / “Other People”/ Self-portrait
(Actual work, photo montage.)
c. 2005 Michael St.Mark

.. this “me” being the generalised common subjective experience of every human being on the individual level, looking out at their assumed self / physical form ( two arms and two legs from above )

mark-wallinger1I wallinger2
Mark Wallinger’s ” I ” ( self portraits, acrylic on canvas and freestanding sculpture )
2008 & 2010
Took him a while… but he got the idea in the end.

3 thoughts on “Work No. 67; “Me” / The Human Archetype

  1. It’s commonality, how we all feel. The photographic process and limitations wont allow to show all the body that is seen from the eyes on one flat surface, so it’s a representation albeit a fairly accurate one, of everyone’s experience.

    I was struggling for a title to convey the sense.
    The Human Archetype is just that, it’s a typical specimen, it’s the default natural ego self in us all. So in a sense there is only this “me” experience going on and in a sense there are no “other people” or society.

    Pointing to much more of life actually being inward-based rather than the almost 100% outward looking consciousness of most people.

    Everyone feels as everyone else with this sense of “me”.
    In one way it is a divisive work, in another it shows a common, shared universal experience ( that most people don’t realize )and so is spiritual or uniting in its effect when it becomes conscious. That’s the rather over-ambitious aim of the work.

    Most will still see “somebody else” represented in the picture, the habit of outward-looking consciousness is so strong.


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