8 thoughts on “Works 66; The Magic Wishing Tree

  1. lol Symbolism. It kinda caught me unawares! But I suppose it’s a warning to be careful what you wish for. Wishing for things you don’t have may not always produce the desired result.
    Sorta be happy with what you have.
    OOO far too deep!


  2. And that’s the spooky mystery of the magic wishing tree.
    Derek knows the purpose with this work.
    For me, it’s very surreal, dream-like. And evokotive of whistful far-flung atmospheres, kind of Alice in Wonderland with a sinister edge, the oversized spider. The bit of distant sky and trees at the top left hand edge seems to add to the otherworldliness of it.
    Also the bark is crawling with knomes elves pixies and a grey hedgehog.


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