Work No. 82; Essence of Dada

Essence of Dada
© Valerie Alexander 2005

Eye-level photo of an ordinary stretch of summer grasses, a foreground patch of which is in a shadow that imparts to the grass a radically different appearance, and that has been randomly created by the photographer herself – thus in so doing producing an entirely new image that contains essential Dada elements


Dada is what you can make of yourself ” – Hans Richter

4 thoughts on “Work No. 82; Essence of Dada

  1. Dare say it’ll be lurking there somewhere in this sheep’s eye view. Thanks for catching the drift on the second version of your pic, Val.
    So now everyone can stop trying to be happy chasing this that an ‘tother and meditate on the picture instead and. . ..Dada Nirvana!
    In fact maybe we should run it as a main feature?


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