Work 86; Can Two Walk Together…

Can two walk together except they be agreed
c. 1984 Phil Simmons

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4 thoughts on “Work 86; Can Two Walk Together…

  1. Thanks, Hobbit. It’s funny – I remembered making this picture all those years ago (it really *does* date from 1984) but had never properly appreciated the juxtaposition.



    • it strikes me with the same “twang” as the vietnamese girl running along the road naked for some reason. Its almost as though those shots are taboo as the whole bomb that is religion explodes.

      This picture is like a fine wine….better with age i love that textured picture…i have some of my grandfathers burma pictures and when you look at them you see the emotion, arm in arm they stand it brings a twinge of emotion that they cant talk about….the past with a future we know…whoa…a whole new thread

      Sorry…where did that come from, ive ranted again!


  2. ive been back and forth all day with something to say about this piece…then i doesnt need any words, a piece that explains itself..simple you may think…but hard to truly do.


    simple hobbit.


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