Work 115; Hopelessness of MSF II

The Hopelessness of Male Sexual Fantasy IV
© 2005 Art Axis

Concrete work in 2 combined pieces; comprising Page 3 of The Sun newspaper from November 4th 2005 mounted by a packet of wallpaper adhesive.


For details about purchase availability on this work or any other by the New Dadaists, please see Intro Tag (right) & scroll.

11 thoughts on “Work 115; Hopelessness of MSF II

  1. Looked at the Sun for the first time in a long time last week ….honest… as it ran a piece on my prison, and I was interested to read the blurb under the page 3 girl. “Julie 36-24-36 says we should develop greener forms of energy and feels the latest Green Paper on Education is a must read”. Whats all that about? What happened to ‘World Peace’.


  2. Thats todays sun too, loved the fact that she had the balls to print her own incarceration in her own paper. nice tits that blond bird innit…..hah. news and tits, what else does a modern man need. well….got a minute


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