6 thoughts on “Work No. 170; The Artist, the Collector and the Gallery

  1. I’m trying to think of something witty to write – failed miserably……interesting that earths creatures engage in such activity – on all levels :)…..DD


    • Referring only to the Saatchis and Tates and Damien Hursts of this world really, Dean. The scene is so nepotistic ( is there such a word? )and elitist on such a flagrant scale, it’s been accepted as the norm.


      • You’ve noticed then Christopher?!

        Yes it’s tough unless you’re a mate of one of the clique, or family or extraordinarily lucky. Erm that’ll be leaving the blackmail option then. . .
        And in a roundabout way that’s part of what New Dada’s about. We won’t let up this cyber and direct art action attack on the rotten arts establishment until we get a fair deal for genuine outstanding new talent.


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