St. Valentine’s Day NEW DADA image

A random rotation of NEW DADA works from the 170 in the online gallery, for a while.

From Nov. 05
The Hopelessness of Male Sexual Fantasy IV
c. 2005 Art Axis
( Concrete Work in 2 parts )

7 thoughts on “St. Valentine’s Day NEW DADA image

  1. Don’t be silly….everyone was pretending to be out on a valentine’s date…..can’t be seen to be a lonely blogger when you assume everyone else in the world is having a romantic night in – or out……..DD


      • te he – being alone does have distinct advantages MSM – but are you saying they feel sorry for you so you are irresistible as they want to keep you ‘company’ – or are they thinking you are indifferent therefore have an irresistible urge to ‘win’ you over…and keep you company 🙂

        Which ever way, i’m sure you are irresistible indeed….:)



      • Hi DD, I think it’s ’cause I’m comfortable in my own skin most of the time.
        Also because I give out such sweet energy of spiritual intoxication.
        And because I’m so humble with it. . .
        Te he.


      • Its the only skin you have, so being comfortable in it is a sensual must…..I am totally inspired by your sweet energy of spiritual intoxication and your humble…..errrr…..modesty….!!…may you enjoy the sensual intoxicating effects for many years to come…….(I’ve had an intoxicating drink too many myself tonight)…lol DD..:)


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