Work No. 217; Analogue Relic

analogue relic

Analogue Relic
( Discarded TV aerial, Alexander Palace )
c. 2005 Michael St.Mark

North London’s “Ally Pally” was the place of the world’s first then high definition television transmission in 1936. Nowadays, although television is still broadcast from here, half the building is derelict, the “found” discarded old aerial on a high window ledge, intriguing, esp. with the imminent introduction of digital & HD TV.

“The pole languishing amid such desolation induces an atmosphere of hundreds of thousands of hours receiving soaps, sport and news.
The Queen’s Coronation, Coronation Street in B & W. East Enders – who shot Dirty Den? Dallas – who shot J.R? The first moon landing. England win the World Cup.. etc etc.
All those dramas and tragedies viewed in the 1950s, 60s, 70s 80s & 90s; now as nothing but the dead past; the filthy aerial battered, decaying,  leaning against the window frame as if exhausted from the ordeal of decades of exposure to the crudity and stupidity of human noise and vision.” – M. St.M
Periwinkle Blue plaqueAP tv tower
The “First Broadcast” plaque and the TV transmission tower / mast at Alexander Palace.

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