5 thoughts on “London Dada Work 235, Still Moving

  1. oh, god, M1 loughborough bound?

    what i hate is that post-drive sensation you get after a long, long drive, y’know when you first close your eyes with your cheek against a cool, cool pillow

    ….and the road…the noise, the vibration…it’s still there in your head…

    trolly x


    • Yes Trolly, M1 southbound indeed but I lost track/interest exactly where – but it could very well be approaching the lost city of Loughborough.

      Lol, yeah I too get that post-long drive syndrome that you describe and the photo evokes; as I tend to do lots of long-distance travel within the UK. It’s getting boring now driving up and down the same old strip, so it’s probably off to France and Spain soon, where the kids are hip.. . .I get around.

      Should imagine Bradders suffers from this post-drive sensation quite a lot – he’s a long-distance lorry driver poor lad.


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