Work 256; Keyboard Guitar


12/10/06 . . .out on the road for a day or two. . .be good 😉




MStM playing the keyboard guitar ( 2 pages )
Retreived from the LD 2006 PDF archives

The above captured event producing in real time the (below) script

Seminal Composition – ” Dada Visual Music 1 ”


jhcb ascaP[’93qqq
;;;/    qq
;  zaDCJNBCHVX  CCVSASCSZCCSFFFFFVVVVVVSDVFFFFF JYH#[PK  WQ    ]”        #[QW    JQ   OMKLJJK`–OLOLL=EL122   L;POL   KQQW;’,KL-0IMK   9uhkqwo–eqwl0koo0w7;.   qkjmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaewwwrweq   aaaaawwwwwwww              


Keyboard Guitar3a

c. Michael St.Mark 2006

Artist advisory


* 3 new images added to the London/New Dada Flikr gallery today, 11/10/06.

20 thoughts on “Work 256; Keyboard Guitar

      • :)) LOOOL Mike, does it means i’m a slob too?
        If slob is what i’m thinking 🙄 don’t know very well its meanning… i think!(..not in my dictionary :)) )
        hugzzzzzz back2u2


      • Ah, so i get it well, thanks Mike.
        Ok, so i’m not untidy, slob :)), but i’m also organized in my own unique way! lol, because as now, after a day working on researchs and writings on laptop, i’m surrounded of papers and books on desk, floor, enough :)) but i know where is all what i need 😀
        Thanks for the up-date, i’m learning a lot about english language really!
        Rest well Mike,


    • That Northern Dangle comment could well be my encore, Hektor.

      – but nay folks, ’tis actually ye goode quesperymooney one, the HH Himself.

      His blog is surely likened unto a far distant world in a star-spangled nether region – pure escapism and a soothing balm of beguiling humour to the stressed mind.


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