LONDON DADA Work 257 – the Psychopathic Mind of Tony Blair

:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:> Subconcious mind

Screensave (below)recovered from; original working file size version deleted by
online community destroyer Lucian Ascani’s “Blog Forever” EU grant-thieving team


The Psychotic mind of Tony Blair
c. 2006 Michael St.Mark

A first in virtual artwork, a stack of emojis existing in cyberspace only – the property of all who view. . .precurser to the Fungibles genre

13 thoughts on “LONDON DADA Work 257 – the Psychopathic Mind of Tony Blair

  1. In this image there are as many negatives as positives which do cancel each other out leaving a void, we all know that a void cannot exist in this three dimensional world so it will be filled with troublesome spirits and elementals like gentlemen of the streets invading a boarded up house causing the owner much distress, lets hope that the invaders are riddled with the most heinous pox that will infect the owner to such an extent that the body attached to the mind doth diminish greatly eventually succumbing to that state which we call death, oh but tis a dream that we can only wish for, but soft what light thru yonder window breaks, Gordon, Gordon surely an even worse prospect than the tortured mind, Gordon the gay chancellor will bring such horrors upon this sceptered isle that I fear for all souls, may we all rest in peace.
    Regards, Bradders


    • I think there’s someone charged with looking in already, WCG. Anyone connected to Steph and Rob’s blogs will get the evil eye of the state on them. Too much truth is threatening U C.

      BTW What’s happening to the nation’s road network? Do you know? Even travelling at night’s now becoming a chore ( M6 closed can you believe )

      I’m trafficlaggedTM from taking 12 hours to travel overnight from Scotland.

      We’re getting trapped by 24/7 gridlock. . .scary.

      This calls for Cheeky Stoat to remedy the situation.. .


      • Every journey long or short takes more time than it did even a year ago. Go back five years and I would say you could add 50 – 60% on those journey times for todays travel šŸ˜¦

        Get the CS on to it immediately šŸ˜‰


    • Indeed, Rob. Tony yer regular drinking partner-down-the-local kind of guy. Yet when did we last see him in public for more than a bodyguarded minute? Ten years . . .fifteen?

      Stage-fright Tone?

      He seems to be finding it a bit of a struggle to let go of the power of office and give us a bit of a break ( although the Scottish struggle in line can’t be a much better prospect).

      Looming impreachment proceedings might perhaps give the king of spin a little push though.


      • Came here Mike2tell to ask you apologises, i really forgot, honestly. Last friday got a reply from him with some stuffs i asked but he didn’t send me everything including the artist’s name; at the time i didn’t remember it, just when i saw you on my blog a flash came to my mind šŸ˜³
        As yesterday was holiday here, all closed, he didn’t send me nothing but hope he send yet till tomorrow; i mailed him immediatly Monday’s evening, he must saw it already so i’m waiting it, anyway i’l call him early morning, tomorrow.
        Sorry Mike. I’l not forget it, i’ve a note here by my laptop remembering me it to give you yes?
        kk…Ah, and will visit your Bloggers in Arms too, hope isn’t close :))


    • Oh no Sussie, it’s full to brimming with very clever deviousness. But for that to work he needs the Bambi smilies front that he’s a decent bloke ( who doesn’t pronounce his T’s in public so as to sound more on a level with the common man. Noticed? )

      We have a mass-murdering war criminal as a prime minister and few in this country are even batting an eyelid.


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