12 thoughts on “London Dada Work 258: Bonfire Season

  1. Sort of makes you want to lock the doors, close the curtains turn up the heating and stay safe by the PC doesn’t it?

    I love rain, but only nice, gentle rain. ot the sort that gets you cold and wet.


    • Yes Teri, I think it’s coming into hibernation, or at least taking-it-easy, season around about now.

      Not much chance of nice gentle warm rain until May 07 !
      Unless one flies down south for the winter of course 🙂


      • Plan to go South in November, sadly only as far as Lewisham E London

        I do have a need to go to the sea, due to illness I haven’t had a holiday this year. My husband has promised to drive me to the coast on Saturday to get my fix before the bad weather arrives.


      • Hi Teri;

        Lewisham not quite far south enough! Still, hopefully the cold weather won’t arrive for another week or two.
        Hope you enjoy the coast & the sea air. Have some fish & chips for me!


  2. Superb. Captures the elements around my neck of the woods alright.

    Drove by the sea yesterday and it was like a giant McFlurry.

    Only one that had been in the machine for a bit too long and gone slightly green.

    And had seaweed flinging off it.

    Probably a McD’s that has that soemwhere, I’m sure . . .


    • Your neck of the woods. . .Brighton’ish ?

      I was further east near Dungerness B, soaking up the Gamma radiation precipitated in that giant Mac Flurry drizzle-bluster.

      Just so much fun, England 2006 what?

      Tempted to do a ” Everybody’s miserable Monday” Bloggers Arms tonight. . . see how I feel after a glass of JD & D. coke.


      • Yep more or less – bit further along in Worthing. Give us a shout if you’re passing through that area, be nice to meet up.

        I went on a school trip to Dungeoness once – the only nuclear reactor to have ever been disabled by hoovering up a shoal of sprats.

        There was an activity in the visitor centre where you control the power output of this reactor simulation by raising the boron rods via a control. The more power, the greater the core temperature.

        Our entire 30 min stay at the entre was punctuated by this thing sounding alarms as it went critical and instigating an emergency shutdown. Must have driven the poor staff mad.


      • That will be good V, I could tie it in with a long-overdue visit to see Moondancer up in Lewes. Might bring my Timberwolf pup friend Dingo along too.

        Holy bejeezus, they let schoolkids play around with the reactor controls? Brings to mind a certain ’87 Chernobyl reactor test experiment conducted by pissed technicians.. . . .all in the cause of good science educa. .. . . .. .BOOOM

        I was raised 40 miles from Sellafield ( Windscale as was). The 1956 chimney fire released a plume of deadly radioactive smoke over the area and my father tells me that everyone who went to school on a path WSW from the plant is now either dead or lingering dying from cancer.

        British energy ( note the “nuclear” has been deleted) were fined a slap-on-the-wrist £40K last week for the ongoing processing hall flood that wasnt picked up for 8 months and which has shut down Thorpe reprocessing almost entirely.
        We wouldn’t know though – the story didn’t make it to any national headlines, natch.

        What do they intend to do with the many thousands of litres of nitic acid/plutonium mix 4 ‘ deep on the floor?
        Piping it into a tanker and releasing the flood through the gates of Downing Street would be one solution solution.

        Realistically though, it’ll most likely be sneaked into the Irish sea, already the most radioactive on earth. Oh joy.

        Liking your default politician speech bubble paste-over today, V. Condensed essence of Westminster bullshit extremely well summed-up.


      • I hasten to add it was a visitor centre simulation “game”, not the actual reactor. If it had, there would be a large, semicircular crater on the ciast right now, possibly still steaming.

        I believe the current philosophy on nuclear waste disposal, born of year of research and millions of taxpayer pounds sums up nicely to:

        1. Bury it in a big hole
        2. Reycle it into more dangerous gamma emitting material.

        If you’re Donald Rumsfeld, there is option 3. Sell to North Korea, and count the days until it gets turned into a nuke.


      • Sorry, thought I would just make a comment. I used to live in Worthing, and moved about 17 years ago. Has the old town changed much?I know that the old cinema has been changed to a seven screen one, and I believe that the Lido has gone!
        Beach House still there, and of course the park with the bowling greens?
        Oh how I miss the lovely old town.


      • Tends to be full of more young folks with baseball caps, bumster denims and silly cars with blacklights being driven badly, I’m afraid.

        Lido is still there, 7-screen cinema not actually built yet, but is apprently being put up with a new shopping complex once they finish bulldozing Teville Gate (and good riddance, too).

        Seafront is lovely in the summer though. Marine gardens and all the hotels along Grand Avenue still in competition with their flower displays, all very pleasant indeed.


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